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Unfinished Ideas

Math puzzle meetup

Math meet-ups (like the "Offene Sprechstunde Mathe", undergraduate pre-courses, study-course specific tutorials and our "Math Lunch Break") mostly center around the expected knowledge in your curriculum.

Opposing this approach, there are a lot of interesting math riddles and puzzles, like on research.IBM.
If you are interested in participating/helping to find solutions to such creative (though realistic) tasks, feel free to reach out to us.
Lecturers and professors of any kind are welcome to join according to their schedule.

We are thinking of organizing cyclic meetups in the coming semester.


Regional networking

Deggendorf has a lot of clubs, companies and organizations that host events, call for participation in contests and scholarships.
We are currently working closely with the DIT Campus Freyung, the "Technik für Kinderte" club, the ITC1 and are eager for the next ESN party.

Still, there is a lot even we are missing out.
Hence we are dreaming of a general sort of platform, where a student - who has just moved to Deggendorf - can have a look at what best fits their needs.


Repair coffee

Coffee maker - check
People with technical knowledge - check
Room where technical people meet - check
Repair equipment - purchaseable

We argue that way too much electonic products are thrown away for no actual reason ("... but I want to have the latest X product") or due to minor defects.
So far though, we didn't see the neccessity to offer an publicly available topic centre and are therefore focussed on fixing our own stuff.