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CW 21/2022 - Lessons Learned from this semester's Stud2Stud

Behavior economics is one of the topics where many different (research) fields are intersecting.
Whereas some people are interested in the resulting effects of individuals reasoning, others are drafting assumptions to be tested in simplified experiments.

In our first talk, a masters graduate told us about an attempt to demonstrate altruism in an experiment of two parties with uneven distribution of information.
Secondly, in a presentation by an established researcher at TC Grafenau the usage of OpenStreetMap data for the predicition of energy consumption in (small) cities reminded us of the massive impact that lies within open data.

Switching context into Linux, one of our members - who just happened to finish his bachelor thesis - introduced us into the differences and wits in both Cuda and Vulkan.
Last but not least, our current speaker talked about the average-case computation models as an statistical approach to code efficiency evaluation.


All in all it has been a blast and we were supprised that even after limiting the question time per talk the event ended 1 hour later than expected.
For this, we are thinking of organizational changes to this format and are already looking for some next speakers (start winter semester).